Training a hunting retriever often takes more than one person.  KVHRC is a great way to get help training your dog.  The club includes members at many skill levels that are willing to help you.  From obedience to a finished hunt test champion, KVHRC has a great group of members to help you get there.

Hunt Tests

KVHRC is a great way to get involved in Hunt Tests.  Our club members include seasoned AKC and HRC participants as well as beginners. Hunt tests are a fun way to keep your dog in-tune as well as meet new people.

Family & Friendship

Meet a group of people that are all dedicated to having fun with their dogs.  From monthly meetings and training nights to weekend hunt tests, KVHRC members work together as friends to improve our dogs' abilities as well as our own.
KVHRC Club Training Property:

Rolling Meadows Farm, LLC
12220 Harvey Street
Jones, MI, 49061
Land Manager: Jim Price 

Training Property

KVHRC holds training nights twice a month at our club property in Jones, MI.  Our property includes open fields and water allowing us to set up and duplicate nearly any hunting or hunt test scenario. Club members that pay an annual land use fee are able to use the property for their training needs during training nights as well as on their own.

For a map of the KVHRC training grounds click here.

Hunt Tests

KVHRC hosts both a spring and a fall HRC hunt test at our property in Jones, MI. Both tests include three testing levels - Started, Seasoned, and Finished.  This assures there is a hunt test level for everyone.

What is a Hunt Test?  Click Here to find out more.

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